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What is TheReviewIndex all about?

We thought reading reviews, on sites like Amazon, is a bit too tedious. Most products have hundreds, even thousands of reviews. It’s impossible to make sense of that many reviews, let alone compare across products. So we built The Review Index that uses Neural Networks to detect and quantify recurring patterns in reviews, enabling one to go through thousands of reviews in a few minutes. We are unbiased, independent and aspire to simplify online shopping.

How does it work?

All you have to do is enter the url of the product you’re looking to purchase. Our machines will, at real time, fetch the lastest user reviews from sites like Amazon. Then, the fetched reviews will be parsed to detect fine-grained topics and implicit sentiment, after blacklisting potentially unnatural content. This information will be churned and presented as an unbiased, feature-wise summary scorecard of the aggregate opinion.

Where does TheReviewIndex get the data?

TheReviewIndex requires data such as product details, reviews, etc. We crawl all available information from across various public webpages. This data is then churned to get presentable insights.

I noticed some discrepencies in the data quality? What do I do?

We leverage Neural Networks to detect topics of discussion and sentiment in review sentences and constantly monitor the quality of algorithms and data to maximize accuracy and ensure that outliers do not influence the eventual conclusions. However, it is still possible that there will be a few cases of incorrect classification.
If you discover any large discrepencies or quality issues, you can provide feedback using the link provided in the site or write to us at with the details and we will take these inputs into consideration while tweaking our algorithms.

How can I trust TheReviewIndex? How do I know that the evaluation is fair?

We have deliberated over this question from the very beginning. Since building and keeping trust with you is very important to us, we have designed the product to ensure that every score or recommendation is strongly supported by solid evidence. If you want to drill deeper, you can click through and read all individual user comments that contributes toward the score of each feature. Not just that, all these comments are properly attributed and linked back to the origin.

How does the site make money?

We do not make any money from the site. The site has been and will always remain free for our users.

How do you deal with review spam?

One of the major concerns of online opinions is the problem of spam and incentivized reviews. Although, a single spammy review does not receive too much importance (since we rely on mass opinion for making our judgements), several spammy reviews can be misleading, often drowning actual user opinion. We think that spam, much like any other crime, will leave behind a trail. This is true especially when spamming is done at scale. We try to identify these and in the spirit of transparency (like rest of the site), we are starting to expose the underlying data points that contributed to our decision. Right now we expose only a few of signals out, but we will be rolling out a more comprehensive set of signals in the near future.

I’m a brand and my product is rated poorly. What can I do?

Short answer is nothing. We rely on user reviews from marketplaces to derive and present our conclusions. As the sentiment in organic reviews improves, our summaries will improve too.

Have more questions? Send them out to and we will revert as soon as possible.

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