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What is TheReviewIndex all about?

TheReviewIndex is an independent site that aspires to simplify online shopping, by organizing and summarizing user reviews from various online sources. All user reviews, from across sources, are summarized and presented as an unbiased, feature-wise summary to make reading reviews more efficient. Not just that, you can also use the search engine to discover products based on your specific feature requirements. Lastly, the engine compares the prices for products across all the online stores, to conclude which one has the most cost-effective offering.

How does it work?

We crawl various sources on the internet, aggregate and reconcile reviews for products. Leveraging machine learning algorithms and artificial neural networks, we detect fine-grained topics and implicit sentiment, after blacklisting potentially fraudulant content. This information is churned and presented as an unbiased, feature-wise summary scorecard of the aggregate opinion, along with the relevant pros and cons. A search engine sits on top of this insights layer, enabling discovery based on specific feature requirements.

Where does TheReviewIndex get the data?

TheReviewIndex requires data such as products catalog, reviews, specifications, etc. We crawl and aggregate all available information from across various public webpages. This data is then churned to get presentable insights.

How do you calculate the overall rating?

First, a score is computed for each feature (e.g battery, camera, etc) of the product by taking into account factors such as - volume and split of positive vs negative review sentences, strength of sentiment, etc. Then, all the individual feature scores are combined, giving due importance to critical features, to get the overall rating. This rating is converted to a percentile view and presented.

I noticed some discrepencies in the data quality? What do I do?

We use machine learning algorithms to perform activities such as detecting topics of discussion and sentiment in review sentences. It is possible that there will be a few cases of incorrect classification.
Having said that, we constantly monitor the quality of algorithms and data to maximize accuracy and ensure that these outliers do not influence the eventual outcome or recommendation.
After taking above points into consideration, if you still think that there are large discrepencies, please write to us at with the details and we will take these inputs into consideration while tweaking our algorithms.

How can I trust TheReviewIndex? How do I know that the evaluation is fair?

We have deliberated over this question from the very beginning. Since building and keeping trust with you is very important to us, we have designed the product to ensure that every recommendation is strongly supported by solid evidence, in case you choose to drill deeper. If you choose to, you can drill down and read all individual user comments that contributes toward the score of each feature. Not just that, all these comments are properly attributed and linked back to the origin.

How does the site make money?

We make money via affiliate partnerships with online stores where payout is a percentage of the sale value to the referring site. This means that every time a visitor uses our site to research and decide on a product and then goes on to purchase the item from any of our partner ecommerce stores (by clicking on the links provided on our site), we make a small commission of the sale value. This doesn’t at all change the price the user pays.

You do not have the category that I am looking for. What do I do?

We will soon expand to include all major electronic and appliance categories. If you do not want to wait, shoot out a request at Who knows, maybe we will be able to prioritize your request.


Have more questions? Send them out to and we will revert as soon as possible.