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Scratch Off Map of The World Detailed Travel Art Poster Fits 17 x 24 Frame Comes with Scratch Tool 20 Push Pins 4 Stickers Cleaning Cloth Carry Bag Gift Tube by Newverest

Last Updated: 28 Jan 2019 (Refresh Now)
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" ...  - Seemingly solid material ... - Gold was not perfectly aligned with some countries, and so as I followed the border marking on the gold, another country was starting to be revealed underneath ... For example, Hawaii wasn't marked, but once you uncovered the gold, "HI" showed up underneath.  ...  "
" ...  I like the look of this map - I'm excited to scratch off more countries in the near future.  ...  "
" ...  The tools were helpful in scratching/peeling off the places she has been and makes a delightful addition to her wall decor.  ...  "
" ...  I'm looking forward to scratching off new places.  ...  "
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