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Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker Outdoor Wireless Speaker with HD Sound Built in Mic Hands Free Speakerphone Player for Home Travel US Version with Warranty

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" ...  This has impressive sound for a portable Bluetooth speaker with such a small footprint. ... You're not going to get high fidelity from something like this but music sounds unusually balanced where usually the tone feels much more narrow with this type of speaker. ... Using such a small speaker outdoors where you might need booming loud volume--at a barbecue for instance--might not be a great idea. ... It's not that this unit isn't capable of playing music loud but if maximum volume is primarily what you are looking for you should definitely buy something larger instead.  ...  "
" ...  I'm impressed by how supple and clear the sound this 40 buck speaker generates.  ...  "
" ...  but this a decent sound and I didn't feel like spending +$100 on the Bose Soundlink Micro. ... I really enjoy this speaker with acoustic music with it's bright tone and not muddy at all.  ...  "
" ...  It is quite unbelievable that at full volume, this speaker is still crystal clear and has no additional noise or artifacts.  ...  "
" ...  The sound is literally astounding! ... The most important this is really how authentically it recreates the audio signal coming into the speaker. ... It's very rich, very clear, very balanced, unlike anything this size on the market. ... That said, if you can afford the 100 dollar range for a speaker and you truly value sound then go for it, there are, again, dozens of excellent options in that price range, but this one is well beyond it's cost in what it rewards the listener with. ... I'm somewhat of an audiophile as well. ... The sound is stellar and worth every penny if you don't need to use the speaker for more than about two hours before fully recharging it. ... But, none of these speakers are portable due to charging or size constrictions so you are left choosing among small, portable form factor speakers (like this Xiomi Mi) and barely tolerating the extreme limitations that this small a package creates so you can put it in a purse, book bag, or even a pants pocket.  ...  "
" ...  The fit & finish is absolutely impeccable and specially sound quality and signature are the best among all portable bluetooth speakers that I have tested or owned. ... And at $39.00, this isn't one of the cheapest portable speakers around because you can actually buy a lot of decent speakers, 15W to 25W range, within $40.00. ... However, what is great about this is that this is truly portable and the sound coming out of this small portable speaker is absolutely amazing. ... No harsh sound what so ever. ... Even in the box, there is nothing except the BT speaker. ... Anyway, if you are looking to spend some money for the finest small portable bluetooth speaker that can produce truly amazing sounds, this Xiaomi is the one.  ...  "
" ...  that rivals speakers over $100 and make this speaker a winner. ... If you position this speaker in a corner you would swear it was much larger then it is for the sound it puts out.  ...  "
" ...  This little speaker is pretty amazing.  ...  "
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