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Klipsch RSB 14 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer with Play Fi

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" ...  The sound quality is nothing short of amazing. ... The base does not rumble but plays low sounds correctly. ... Even if you do not pair other speakers with the sound bar the surround simulation calculates your room space and produces the sound properly for surround sound. ... It will have to be up to you if you bother with rear speakers considering how good the surround sound simulation is.  ...  "
" ...  While it still may not be comparable to a full component of floor/bookshelf speakers, I can feel sound again in the highs from the horn tweeters to the thuds of the sub filling out pieces of sound in movies I've not heard in years. ... Sound is exactly what I expected from Klipsch, however I also want to be transparent on drawbacks (which was not surprising since they are a speaker company and not a technology company). ... At this point I still love the sound from the soundbar. ... The Klipsch PowerGate placed right next to the RSB-14 has fixed my audio issues (have it wired to rear bookshelf speakers). ... I still say that the sound quality from this soundbar is superior to any other soundbar I have had, and now fixing my surround issues I'm happy with this (happier than other soundbar surround solutions I've had).  ...  "
" ...  but great sound  ...  "
" ...  For being just a soundbar and not 7.1, this sounds incredible.  ...  "
" ...  I replaced a 20 year old infinity 5.1 surround system with this sound bar and sub… It actually sounds better than my old $10,000 system… Wifi music is better than playing a CD… TV shows and movies are superb… It is incredible!  ...  "
" ...  I have only had this for two days but very impressed with the crisp sound quality. ... Listen to Bose, which were good but price was up there like SONOS, 700 bucks each for bar and sub-woofer. ... I saw some complaints concerning the 8" sub-woofer but it sounds fine to me. ... Nevertheless the Klipsch was very crisp and I could clearly hear words, cymbals and clear clean sound in action movies. ... The sound fills the room nicely and with more speakers in the soundbar offer a better surround sound feel. ... So compared to SONOS and Bose the quality of Klipsch and it's history as speaker manufacturing company this is a quality system for the price you spend if you want a quality system at a reduced cost.  ...  "
" ...  I needed a premium sound system to not only replace but improve on my previous surround bar. ... I have experience with Klipsch and their deserved reputation as a top 3 audio manufacturer. ... This is a big help to me as I plan on adding first, a pair of rear surround speakers to my bedroom and later on, a pair of front stereo speakers, I'll update you.  ...  "
" ...  sound bar hdmi ARC to Vizio M-class. ... Vizio has a nice option that does show audio system volume changes made with sound bar on screen, which works but with an annoying 1.5 sec delay. ... Sound quality is as good as a soundbar/sub can be. ... My only complaint is the best sound is pretty far across the room because of the width of the bar - behind where my 10 foot sitting position is.  ...  "
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speakers, sound, surround, soundbar, foot
" ...  The sound fills the room nicely and with more speakers in the soundbar offer a better surround sound feel.  ...  "
" ...  This means that speakers throughout the house or even in the in the same room can be independently.  ...  "
" ...  My only complaint is the best sound is pretty far across the room because of the width of the bar - behind where my 10 foot sitting position is.  ...  "
sonos, rsb14, rsb11, play fi, literally
" ...  Found the Klipsch which supported bluetooth and also offered Play-Fi functionality. ... It's loud, clear, and bluetooth functional with Play-Fi to add more speakers in your home for half the price of Bose and SONOS.  ...  "
" ...  Third is the Bluetooth compatibility. ... I gave the system a workout in the playing of Memphis Belle, then Dr Dee's Compton via Bluetooth.  ...  "
tv, soundbar, hdmi, audio, wireless
" ...  It was very difficult and tedious in the steps it took to hook the sound bar to the TV via the HDMI ARC port.  ...  "
" ...  It's sometimes possible to get a picture back after fiddling with HDMI cables and inputs to the TV, but even when displaying correctly there are audio and video dropouts. ... The only solution has been to unplug it from its power source and plug it back in.  ...  "

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