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Klarstein Syphon Vacuum Coffee Maker 360 Base LCD Display Touch Operation 500 Watts Keep warm Function Automatic and Manual Preparation Mode Black

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maker, cup of coffee, vacuum, pot, grounds
" ...  This makes a strong full bodied hot cup of coffee. ... I wish this could make as much as the Santos and I wish they still made the Santos but still a great coffee maker here.  ...  "
" ...  Flavor of coffee is outstanding, only can i say is some complicated clean the coffee maker after the use  ...  "
" ...  Doesn’t take up too much counter space and a lot easier to put in a cupboard than a standard coffee pot.  ...  "
" ...  This was my first vacuum coffee maker and I was really excited to try this out. ... After experimenting with seep times etc I finally settled on a system that made a really great cup of coffee and I was impressed with the system!  ...  "
" ...  Love my new coffee maker. ... Great coffee vairly quick.  ...  "
" ...  The coffee comes out very HOT and you have to let it cool for while before you can drink it. ... This little coffee pot has worked well for us and after experimenting with the amount of coffee grounds we now get a very good tasting cup of coffee.  ...  "
" ...  Having said that, it works very well and makes a great cup of coffee. ... If you like a rich, clean cup of coffee, then this is your maker. ... It makes a nice large cup of coffee. ... I use the 16:1 ratio of water to coffee, aka "the golden ratio", and find that it makes a very good cup of coffee, which my wife refers to as strong, but it's not bitter. ... Insert filter and desired amount of coffee in the upper chamber ... Personally, I like the 60 seconds and use Automatic, but my wife prefers a little weaker coffee and uses Manual for ~40 seconds. ... Another filter option is the Diguo Permanent Coffee Filter (on Amazon) that works fine as well.  ...  "
" ...  It is quick and makes very hot, excellent coffee.  ...  "
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maker, coffee, clean, water, vessel
" ...  Much more compact and easier to clean compared to my multi vessel “science experiment” (as my wife referred to it) that I had before.  ...  "
" ...  If you like a rich, clean cup of coffee, then this is your maker. ... I use a Cory rod (google it) and it works wonderfully with only rinsing required, so clean up is simply.  ...  "
" ...  A new cafe opened up downtown offering the syphon vacuum coffee at $9 a cup!  ...  "

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