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AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX Processor YD299XAZAFWOF

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" ...  The performance and speed is otherworldly and jawdropping!  ...  "
" ...  This processor gets hot FAST, but the power you have at your disposal is absolutely incredible for a commercial processor. ... This processor is for enthusiasts, 3d animators, code compiling or any other processor intensive process.  ...  "
" ...  This is a very, very fast processor the the applications that I use it for.  ...  "
" ...  In blender cycles, I've had this CPU outpace my dual 1080ti at rendering, 950 vs 693 seconds in a scene I've been using to benchmark. ... If you have workloads that benefit from this CPU, you or at least your business probably makes enough money to get this CPU, and in the arena that this CPU fights in, where its battling parts that range from $500 to $10000, its one of the best values there is for workloads its best at.  ...  "
" ...  Used with VMs for distributed data processing development and testing.  ...  "
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understand, threads, numa, memory, cpu
" ...  Setting it that way is a no-post situation and bios resets itself.  ...  "
" ...  Half the cores on the 2990WX lack direct access to memory so unless they're running strictly from cache, DRAM access slows things down - and at present, Windows has no way of prioritizing these below the faster cores.  ...  "
ram, cpu, terms, numa, mode
" ...  RAM being swapped for certified compatible.  ...  "
" ...  In that situation you generally want power efficiency, and the 2990WX delivers efficiency in spades if you run the memory <= 2666 and limit the cpu to 250W or so using XFR2 + PPT to set a socket limit (check power consumption at the wall and dial-in what you want). ... In terms of memory, I've had no trouble running ECC with this baby though it should be noted that you might not be able to push 3000Mhz with all eight slots populated. ... The memory configuration in the 2950X is more symmetrical and has a UMA (uniform memory access) mode. ... NUMA mode keeps the banks separate but the OS must understand this to produce an efficient use of memory in terms of allocating memory for CPU cores.  ...  "
" ...  *8 slots for ram in most motherboard allowing all 4 lanes to be filled and later double memory by filling the next 4. ... *Ecc ram support without any trouble.  ...  "
using, noctua, cooling, cooler, boost
" ...  It works great with a large air-cooler in this configuration, which is what I need.  ...  "
" ...  *Can be air cooled, currently using noctua tr4 specific cooler (nhu 14 sp3) and thermals allow boost to reach 4.1+ GHz. ... [Update: 45 second benchmark I use for my work now runs in 25 seconds using Precision Boost Overdrive on air cooling.  ...  "

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