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Zoook Rocker TwinPods Premium Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case Black

Last Updated: 15 Dec 2018 (Refresh Now)
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" ...  Not working within one month of purchase.  ...  "
" ...  Not working properly with iPhone  ...  "
" ...  They again asked me to visit in 15-20 days. ... Now after doing multiple followup on phone, two days back I got to know that my device is replaced and they have sent a new device. ... After all this I took it and came back to home, thinking atleast I got it working.  ...  "
" ...  Defective product, after one month using I am facing many technical problems, so please don't buy this product, I recommend you Samsung iconX it's best and good product .  ...  "
" ...  some how voice stopped coming in the second ear bud just after 1 day  ...  "
" ...  I think this piece is defective.  ...  "
" ...  Very bad product,, worked for 2 or 3 weeks when I purchased the product with some connectivity issues but one of the earpiece stopped working after that , then when I called the customer care they asked me send it to them to new Delhi by courier on my own expenses , then they sent product back after two weeks, it worked fine when I got it back but again the one earpiece stopped working after 2 weeks and now I don't even have the time to again call the customer care then courier the product back   ...  "
" ...  So many connectivity issues  ...  "
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