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Superlux HD681EVO Semi Open Professional Monitoring Headphones

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" ...  The sound is clear and the instrument separation is awesome.  ...  "
" ...  A great product for people who are venturing into the audiophile territory. ... You will need sound quality of at least 320kbps or better, to bring out the full potential of these headphones.  ...  "
" ...  Best sound my ears have heard on a pair of headphones. ... My usage is music listening when at work. ... I can hear every instrument distinctly. ... Listening to music on these is a heavenly experience if you're coming from commercial headphones. ... I am an amateur audiophile, play bass guitar, listen to soft rock and pop music mostly. ... Got a Polk system in my car and Andrew Jones Pioneer speakers in my living room.  ...  "
" ...  These sound unbelievable, period. ... On 'Jiya jale' I heard hi-hats I didn't know existed in the mix.  ...  "
" ...  After briefly listening to music on these headphones with their stock pads on them, I replaced stock ones with velour ones which came along with the headphones. ... I already read about its cheap build quality but it doesn't worry me as my main concern is sound quality which incredibly makes up for that. ... The sound of these cans can not be termed as flat or neutral yet it has enough detail that one can use these cans for mixing or monitoring purpose. ... Overall sound is enjoyable and has a warmth to it without low frequencies suppressing vocals. ... While well mixed and recorded tracks are a joy to listen to on these cans. ... Separation of voice from instruments is very good and soundstage is also good. ... These leak sound and let surrounding sounds come in therefore better use these cans in a quiet place. ... I have my cans modded which perceptibly gives a cleaner sound. ... For buddying music enthusiasts on a shoestring budget I guess these cans are one of the better options though not very popular.  ...  "
" ...  The two do not have huge differences in sound quality at all. ... This one has 50 mm driver,the phillips one has 40 mm but like I mentioned,the sound stage and instrument separation aren't too different. ... You can't expect good sound,good build and good comfort all in one at this price. ... Here,you get good sound and acceptable comfort.  ...  "
" ...  and music was less inspiring for me . ... instruments sounded as it should be .  ...  "
" ...  Works well so far, great sound signature, great sound stage, great looks.  ...  "
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Size:  1.97 meters