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Sony WH 1000XM3 Wireless Industry Leading Noise Cancellation Headphones with Touch Sensor Black

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Noise Cancellation
sound quality, cancelling, cancellation, amazing, noice cancellation
" ...  Noise Cancelling is great but will still have to use it in real scenarios.  ...  "
" ...  One of the best noise cancellation headphones .  ...  "
" ...  Great Noise cancellation  ...  "
" ...  Great noise canceling headphones with great battery.  ...  "
" ...  The noise cancelling is amazing, sound quality is pretty good for the amount.  ...  "
" ...  Noise cancelling is hands down better than QC 35 and sound quality is also better if just slightly so .  ...  "
" ...  Although this being my first Noise Cancellation headphones, I couldn't expect more than this. ... Noise cancellation[Great]: it doesn't stop all sound.  ...  "
" ...  Sound quality and isolation is good even without ANC turned on.  ...  "
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Sound Quality
music, anc, bose, noise, volumes
" ...  These are much better than Bose QC35-II.  ...  "
" ...  Sound Quality is quite impressive even at full volume doesn't distort. ... You will hear so much more of a song beacuse of the clarity. ... I am using Saavn to play music at 320kbps ... I would highly recommend these over the Bose QC35s.  ...  "
" ...  2>if your phone or TV supports LDAC or aptx-hd ,than you really enjoy the quality of sound ... 4> My brother is having Bose QC 35II, but apart from noise cancellation and better Bass handling, nothing is too great. ... but at quiet place , it's good as expected.  ...  "
" ...  The sound quality just really blew my mind . ... It is very more deep and clear than the Bose QC35 ii . ... The best music quality is heard when a music file of 320-909 kbps .  ...  "
" ...  Wanted a headphone with ANC so that i can hear good music even at very low volumes. ... Sound quality and isolation is good even without ANC turned on. ... If you clap your hand you can still hear a thud but all these sounds with the music on would be muted by 70-80 percent and won't disturb you. ... And if you like cranked up volumes then of course the ANC would be even more effective. ... Sound quality is good and you can customise the equaliser for two of your own choices also .  ...  "
" ...  The most underrated fact is you don't to need to hear your music at unusually high volumes.  ...  "
" ...  The sound quality is great, it's bass heavy (compared to the 2 above) so I like to listen to XM3 more than bose, which sounds flat and doesn't get you immersed. ... For context: I listen to heavy metal and rock music. ... Bose is better. ... On the build quality, I like bose better. ... Honestly, this is the only area I like bose better. ... When I am looking to just enjoy music.  ...  "
" ...  Great sound quality ... Thumping sound is heard when touch is used.  ...  "

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