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Last Updated: 17 Dec 2018

FiiO FH1 Dual Driver Hybrid in Ear Monitors with Mic and in Line Remote Red

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sound, musical, listening, fh1, f9
" ...  Pretty good quality, sound stage is not flat but I like it  ...  "
" ...  Non Audiophile Review of Fiio Fh-1 ... I mainly listen to rock/metal, so my impressions are based on that.  ...  "
" ...  After burning more than 40 hours, those harsh sounds got disappered. ... Now listening is more pleasant.  ...  "
" ...  Loving it fantabulously great IEM from FIIO , Fu k off Sennheiser's, Suck Candy, Beyerdynamic, Sony, Sound magics and Titans of the Audio world, FH1 trumps them all effortlessly, such a detail, wide Soundstage, Natural feeling of the song and badass baass (although not bleeding), perfect package .  ...  "
" ...  Its musical and smooth sounding. ... Sound: Musical and smooth is the definition of its sound. ... Its sound is close to U shape. ... Its also sounds pleasing. ... That means tunning of sound/sound signature is that much good. ... For more flat, bright, non musical sound go for f9 series.  ...  "
" ...  The nicest sounding of my earphones. ... The soundstage is moderate, The sound never harsh.  ...  "
" ...  F9 has 2BA so the so the sound is brighter . ... else they sound pretty much same with Fh1 . ... This sounds better .  ...  "
" ...  Sound is very detailed.  ...  "
sub bass, mids, driver, stage, soundstage
" ...  Having one dynamic driver it tends to slightly provide more bass which is good for me.  ...  "
" ...  All jokes aside the IEMs are good for distortion filled songs and Bass heavy music but as soon as you try to get technical and stuff they let you down. ... Thanks to the Dynamic driver present there is a lot of bass present and always ready to punch you in the face, case in point Metallica's "The God That Failed". ... I am searching for a Sub-Bass and I find it in the back, recessed a bit but present showing up here and there. ... and here is the sub bass I was looking for.  ...  "
" ...  #Bass #clearity are awesome  ...  "
" ...  Lows, and mids are perfect but highs can get a little distorted.  ...  "
" ...  The bass here is so good(well-behaved :P) and it doesn't bleed into the mids completely, which is the case for many entry level iems.  ...  "
" ...  Very clear sound, Amazing frequency response .  ...  "
" ...  Best earphones I have had till now and best in class and punches way above its weight , amazing sound quality with detailed highs and mids and powerful bass ,compared them to my other pair of earphones one more triple driver and these are much better sounding and have wider sound stage and are louder and definitely worth the price tag with amazing packaging and superb built quality  ...  "
" ...  The soundstage is moderate, The sound never harsh.  ...  "

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